Nickson OGILO

REPUBLIC of KENYA . Born and raised in the rural set up of Kenya, with vast knowledge of the conditions and harsh environment of growing and making both ends meet in Africa, Nickson Ogilo Aketch is a professional programs facilitator, who has carried out several workshops in numerous orphan centers, schools and other community institutions in East Africa. For the organization IOSD, it is the right arm of Nader Rekik for eastern Africa. Nixon is the delegate in charge of cooperation programs with all the republic of Kenya and western Tanzania. During his endeavour to improve the living statndards of both vulnerable and unfortunate children and communities in these destinations, he strives for a better future, fosters growth and opportunity, nurtures leadership and rewards innovation Communication.

He empathises with others, communicates positively, believes in partnerships, works as a team and celebrate successes Passion.

He takes a deep concern for environment, wildlife and people. He is passionate about his duties, strives for successful development and enjoys seeing other people happy because of his passionate work.

He believes that goals are achieved through consistent community work, hence, the passion to incorporate the Vision into everything he does:

He is keen on how he works, how he treats each other; and how he behaves towards various communities and the environment.

He believes in working together with everybody internationally to help realize a better future for all in peace and like one family.