Julius L Stone Jr.

UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  Hails from New Haven, CT and is a graduate from the New Haven Public Schools. He has his Bachelors of Arts in the field of Theater and a Masters of Sciences in the field of Recreation and Leisure. Julius is also a Cultural Affairs Commissioner of New Haven, CT a position he was selected by the mayor of New Haven. He has worked in the realms of secondary education and higher education. He has worked with students ranging from the ages of 7-24 in different leadership and mentoring roles, ranging from class teacher to Resident Director on a college campus. His passion is producing , such as fund raisers, theater productions and fashion shows. He understands that in order for students to be successful in their education pursuits they need to have positive environments and outlets for creative express. Mr. Stone is currently working on on finishing his Masters, his thesis project is to create a event planning seminar for under serviced youth. His hope is this seminar can be used in non profit organization, the skills taught in this seminar are to help inspire youth to take leadership roles and to provide their own recreation and leisure with in positive and conducive learning environments. Julius is so honored to be selected as a delegate for OIRD (International Organization for Development and Success).